95% natural
Biome Matte Hydrator


Mattifying, rebalancing hydration

The right hydration is essential for keeping problem-prone skin in check. This lightweight fluid delivers in-depth, oil-free moisture without oil or shine, as well as long-term skin-balancing, brightening and benefits. A power lineup of natural actives targets harmful bacteria known to cause acne, while promoting a healthy microbiota. Special naturally derived actives mimic the skin’s own structure, for a unique second-skin effect and soothing, barrier-boosting results.

Use it like this

Apply in morning and/or evening after the cleansing. Gently pat a small amount into the eye contour area, working outwards until absorbed.
① Phytosphingosine, naturally present in the skin, soothes redness, inflammation and blemishes while balancing the microbiota.

 ②  Ceramide NG, a natural skin component, strengthens cell structures and improves skin’s water retention.
 ③ Vita Artic helps balance the skin’s natural microbiota by countering the growth of problematic S. Aureus while promoting good bacteria.
④ BioEcolia protects the skin’s microflora and boosts its natural defence mechanisms.
⑤ VitaLight Complex, based on extract of woolly thistle Cirsium eriophorum, has pore-minimising, sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory benefits while brightening and evening out skin.
95% natural origin

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