99% natural
Feather Eye Cushion


Swift, soothing relief for the delicate eye area

A blissfully soft, cushiony cream that envelops the delicate eye area in pure, soothing comfort. Here, the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabis sativa leaf have been harnessed in a completely safe, THC-free derivative, providing lasting relief as well as welcome hydration. VitaShape, rich in antioxidant polyphenols, is ideal partner to fight the unwelcome puffiness and dark circles, adding detoxifying benefits as a bonus effect.

Use it like this

Use on eye contour area in the morning and/or evening, after cleansing, toning and serum. Tap carefully into the skin with gentle upward movements.
① VitaShape is a cell culture extract from Coleus forskohlii that fights both body fat and under-eye puffiness. Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, VitaShape strengthens the capillary vessels and offers strong free radical scavenging and detoxifying benefits.
② Cannabis sativa leaf oil contains THC-free CBD (5%), safely derived and with no harmful effects. In addition to being a hydrating antioxidant, its anti-inflammatory properties are used to soothe and calm skin.
99% natural origin

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