97% natural
Glacier Blanket Cream


Superpowered 72h hydration

Like a merino blanket for your skin, this rich, bouncy cream delivers pure softness and protection – as well as a supercharged shot of deep, long-lasting moisture. Skin-defending actives pair up with glacial water from the Swiss alps to reinforce the skin barrier, protect against harsh aggressors and lock in moisture for up to 72 hours. And for skin in need of extra comfort, sea buckthorn oil provides soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits.
① Skindefense Complex features ceramides, hyaluronic acid, rose geranium stem cells and grape extract – providing powerful hydration and protection against UV, blue light and other external aggressors, while reinforcing the skin barrier and its immune system.
② An anti-inflammatory, protective ingredient traditionally used to treat burns and wounds, sea buckthorn oil is rich in omega-7, a vital skin component.
③ As Swiss glacier water trickles slowly down through the Valais alps, it is naturally filtered and enriched with minerals and nutrients. Encapsulating it into liposomes allows for deeper penetration and long-lasting hydration.
④ Betaine helps keep the cell water balance in check.
97% natural ingredients Cruelty-free Vegan GMO-freeParaben-free Silicone-free BHT-freeEG/PPG freeEDTA-freeSynthetic colorant freeSynthetic fragrance free

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