Hedonist Night Retreat


Indulgent, restorative beauty sleep

At a certain age, our skin deserves to be spoiled properly, and this night mask goes to almost indecent lengths to deliver both pure indulgence and real results. Soft and buttery at first touch, the rich cream melts into a lavish oil that charges mature, dry and dehydrated skin with everything it needs for deep nourishment, repair and regeneration. Its exceptionally high oil content includes jojoba and Crambe abyssinica seed ¬– with powerful restructuring and restorative properties – while γ-polyglutamic acid from soya natto provides optimal long-term hydration.

Use it like this

Apply in the evening on clean skin. Massage gently onto face and neck; remove any excess with a facial tissue if you like. Use two or three times a week.
① Oils from Jojoba and Crambe abyssinica seed help repair, restore and protect the skin’s natural barrier and intercellular structure, for optimal hydration and significant anti-aging results.
② γ-polyglutamic acid from soya natto (a traditional Asian food heralded for its high-protein, low-fat health benefits) provides efficient, long-term hydration.

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