Resurfacing Enzyme Peel REFILL


Next-level enzymatic multi-peel

A refreshing, oil-free multi-level peel for a juicy glow and smoother, brighter skin. Its high-tech combination of fruit enzymes, natural microbeads and gentle acids ensures powerful yet skin-friendly exfoliation. And because there’s no such thing as too much radiance, we’ve added skin-brightening Holistic Alchemist Complex as well as luffa fibres and vitamin C — resulting in fresh, luminous, even-toned skin.

Use it like this

Once or twice a week, massage onto clean, damp skin for about a minute, using gentle, circular motions. Then leave on for another 4 minutes. Rinse off or remove with a soft sponge soaked in lukewarm water. Avoid eye contour area.

Sensitive skin? Start out slow with smaller amounts and less frequent use. Do not apply to damaged, wounded or irritated skin.
① Holistic Alchemist Complex contains a natural fermented cocktail of soybean, rice, ginseng, adlay and potato for a brightening, firming effect.
② Glycolic and lactic acid promote gentle chemical exfoliation.

③ Natural microbeads provide mild mechanical exfoliation.

④ Pumpkin and pomegranate provide enzymatic exfoliation.

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