The science of serums

The science of serums

There is a great deal of unnecessary mystery surrounding serums. Some hail them as more or less magical, with otherworldly powers that rightfully command astronomical prices. Others regard them with suspicion, doubtful that a couple of drops could give any real results.
The truth is, however, out there – in science. Taking magic out of the equation, we’re still left with the fact that when it comes to a good serum, a little goes a very long way. But how? Typically, a serum contains high concentration of active ingredients, with smaller molecules that are able to penetrate deeper into the skin than those in a regular cream. Also, its lightweight texture means more or less instant absorption. In other words, just a couple of drops are all you need to create your own personal Autobahn for active ingredients.
Specialised help
Plumping, smoothing, clarifying, soothing – the range of benefits a serum can provide is as wide as that of other skincare. So why not just use … other skincare? And can a serum replace a moisturizer?

Well, a serum is like a special task force: it’s there to deal with a problem, swiftly and efficiently, with more power than your regular skincare. And once it’s gone in to do its job, it needs someone to cover its back. This is where your moisturizer comes in – sealing in the serum’s powerhouse ingredients while providing hydration and other good stuff.

So while your moisturizer is always going to be a daily essential, a good serum is your go-to whenever you need to level things up.
Choosing the right serum
As with any skincare, quality is an essential aspect, but don't get it confused with price – more is not always more. It’s all about the active ingredients, their concentrations and how they interact with each other within the formula, as well as with your skin. Slapdash, unbalanced formulas can lead to irritated, overwhelmed skin – or, on the other hand, no effect whatsoever. And super-exclusive ingredients are of no use if they don’t actually work.

Once you’ve got quality pinned down, the options are endless. A serum can hydrate, brighten or smooth; it can target fine lines, deal with acne, or fade dark spots; it can rev up your exfoliation routine or just provide a well-needed dose of restorative TLC. You can use them every now and then to match your skin’s shifting needs, or on a daily basis. It’s really all up to you and the results you need.

So, what do you want your serum to do for you?

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