Juicy Brightening Serum


A juicy vitamin C shot for clearer, fresher skin

Full of vitamin C, this citrusy-scented gel serum is light on the skin but tough on pigmentations and imperfections. While other vitamin C products tend to leave a sticky feel, this watery gel formula melts effortlessly into the skin, leaving it soft and fresh. Carefully selected actives help combat redness and impurities, improve scars and minimise pores, for a more even skin texture and a brighter glow.

Use it like this

In the evening, apply a few drops after cleansing/toning, concentrating on problem areas. Allow to dry before following up with any night cream. Start out with one or two applications per week until your skin is used to the product; then increase frequency according to your needs. Sensitive skin? Start out slow with smaller amounts and less frequent use. Do not apply to damaged, wounded or irritated skin.
① Vitamin C inhibits melanin production and targets UV-related hyperpigmentation, for a more even skin tone with a luminous glow.
② Boldo extract and a marine-derived polysaccharide help fight and inhibit acne-causing bacteria, while reducing redness, marks and imperfections for a smoother, more even skin tone and finer texture.
③ Sodium hyaluronate strengthens connective tissue and boosts hydration and elasticity.
94% natural ingredients
No synthetic fragrances

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