Land Of Giants


Freedom & Creativity

In California lies an ancient sequoia forest known as “The Land of Giants". Any human walking among its gigantic trees feels young and delicate, with a heightened sense of freedom and awareness. Take a deep breath of this candle's inviting scent to recreate this feeling and see your surroundings from new angles.

Use it like this

When using for the first time, wait until wax is melt evenly over all candle surface. It will ensure the even burning out of the candle in the future. Optimal length of the wick - 0,5 cm. Remove the burnt black part of the wick before every new usage. To put out the candle, simply cover it with the lid.
① Soy wax
② Rhubarb
③ Сedar
④ White musk
Top notes: bergamot, rhubarb, cut grass, basil, artemisia;

Heart notes: hemp, watery jasmine, clary sage, rosemary, cedar wood;

Base notes: patchouli, hay, sandalwood, vanilla, white musk.

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