Dive Into Green


Energy & Vitality

The union of forest and fire, the blur between green and blue, the connection between a seedling and water – all of these have inspired this candle. Its fragrant scent embraces contradictions: freshness and warmth, waves and sparkles. A reminder of the eternal cycle of life, it gives us forward momentum and inspires us to reach new heights.

Use it like this

When using for the first time, wait until wax is melt evenly over all candle surface. It will ensure the even burning out of the candle in the future. Optimal length of the wick - 0,5 cm. Remove the burnt black part of the wick before every new usage. To put out the candle, simply cover it with the lid.
① Soy wax
② Guaiac wood
④ Fir balsam
④ Myrrh
Top notes: marine breeze, bergamot, verbena, petitgrain; Heart notes: seaweed, fougère accord, palmarosa, hawthorn, violet; Base notes: thyme, rosemary, salty vetiver, cedarwood, hay.

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