Petal Balancing Serum


Refreshing, microbiome-balancing serum

Microbiome science puts the spotlight on our skin’s natural bacteria and the importance of keeping it healthy, happy and balanced. This super-refreshing hyperfluid serum uses rose centifolia extract to help keep your skin’s microbiome in check, taking care of the good bacteria and transforming the bad ones into antioxidants. Floating petal-like elements add a pretty touch – perfect for your work desk or bedside table.

Use it like this

Apply whenever you need hydration or extra care. Using your fingertips, smooth a single drop all over face, tap gently to promote quick drying. Renew the application during the day, if needed.
① Distilled damask rose water moisturises, tightens and refreshes.
② Rose centifolia extract provide both pre-biotic and post-biotic action — taking care of good bacteria, while converting pink tannins into active polyphenols with antioxidant properties. Additionally, the skin’s microbiome is protected from UV damage, increasing the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid.
Silicone -free

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