Sauna Energy Detox


Deep-cleansing sauna ritual for skin and senses

An invigorating, deliciously warming detox treatment with an irresistible texture that turns application into a deeply satisfying ritual. When massaged into skin, the velvety balm transforms into a light oil that gently dissolves impurities – and then into a satiny milk when rinsed off. Holistic Alchemist Complex helps brighten and firm, while ginger and coffee energise skin and senses for a fresh, rosy glow.

Use it like this

Use once or twice a week as your first cleansing step. Apply to dry skin and massage for several minutes, using light circular movements and avoiding eye contour area. Rinse off with water. Here, application is an essential and deeply satisfying part of the experience, so take the time to really enjoy it.

Sensitive skin? Start out slow with smaller amounts and less frequent use. Do not apply to damaged, wounded or irritated skin.
① Holistic Alchemist complex contains a natural fermented cocktail of soybean, rice, ginseng, adlay and potato, for a brightening, firming effect.
② A mild warming agent creates a pleasant sauna sensation.
③ Ginger root promotes micro-circulation for a healthy glow.
④ Micro-grains of coffee invigorate and stimulate senses.


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