99% natural
Specialist Firming Concentrate


Multifunctional, vegan-friendly collagen booster

Supercharge your skin with this collagen-renewing, firming concentrate that boosts the benefits of other creams and serums. Its 99% natural, COSMOS-certified formula contains a potent cocktail of seaweed, aloe vera, blueberry, argan and baobab. Together, they provide a veritable Swiss army knife of skin-supporting benefits — repairing and rebuilding, soothing and smoothing, hydrating and firming. And instead of silicones, natural humectants and film-formers are used to leave skin with an irresistibly silky feel.

Use it like this

As a concentrate, apply a few drops of product to clean skin before your daily moisturiser, massaging lightly until fully absorbed. Or add a few drops to your usual cream to boost its benefits.
① Organic cranberry distillate provides powerful antioxidant action and supports the natural production of vitamins, minerals, fructose and glucose.
② Oils of organic argan and baobab, rich in fatty acids, combat signs of ageing while leaving skin soft and smooth.
③ Extract of brown seaweed from Brittany stimulates collagen renewal for a filling, firming action.
④ A combination of hyaluronic acid and salt boosts hydration and cell stimulation.
⑤ Aloe vera soothes and repairs skin while providing deep hydration.
⑥ Natural humectants and film formers hydrate skin and give a velvety, silicone-like feel.
99% natural
Mineral oil-free

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